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Achieved in November gains a few month later occurred in which many of the major events such as the American elections and renewed concerns about Greece and most of ” the abyss of U.S. financial ” or what can be defined as the economic impact of a number of laws (if not changed ) could lead to a package of increases massive federal taxes and spending cuts which are scheduled to take effect at the end of 2012 and early 2013 and the resulting reduction in the federal budget deficit for the year 2013 . The last event is the primary motivation of the engine during the past week and up to the present time , and the cause of the reactions is calculated in terms of goods and financial markets due to the confusing signals that came from President and Congress of which is controlled by the Republican majority . Will continue to uncertainty surrounding this issue in the conduct of the markets with our progress towards the month of December and the approaching deadline for the decision on the exact package mentioned more and more the month of January . However, the markets are still so far set their prices according to respectable solutions do not accept failure as an option despite the current lack of any Bryan Miller Automated Income App progress . Leaves the potential threat to the U.S. economy – as a result of volatile financial abyss – the door open to further volatility in the month of December , especially when we enter the time of year where liquidity is higher than the market price or nominal value of the ordinary .

As we can see below, the major commodity indices pursue them have made ​​a profit during the month of November . The performance of each index of the S & P Goldman Sachs Commodity better with variation in performance , particularly because of the different provisions in the grain sector . U.S. bonds suffered Dow Jones in the first place due to greater exposure and exposure to soy compound which suffered a major setback during the month. Helped the performance of aluminum , zinc and lead strong in the industrial sector this month to become the most performers this month after he was slow during most of 2012. Hopes were growing that China – the largest consumer in the world – has recovered and is now possible to request the Chinese to begin the restoration of its activity is the main reason – but to her also Hurricane Sandy , which left thousands of homes without electricity for several days – to raise the rise in consumption of batteries which helped lead. Automated Income App Reviews

Prices of precious metals , particularly palladium and silver in mixed performance for the energy sector as a result of different allocation between gasoline and natural gas and are successively Automated Income App the best and worst performers . Automated Income App


Fast Cash Formula Review

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Build option is a feature that allows traders to determine their positions to fit their individual business styles . It is a relatively new method , “which quickly became a popular ” on the binary options trading platforms . This feature is particularly useful for more experienced traders who understand the market and want more flexibility in order to create their own trading strategy .

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Option for building Fast Cash Formula allows you to execute business tactics that work best with your personal style , and take advantage of everything you know about the market.

Once you understand the basics of binary options trading and market analysis , building option allows you to customize your trades by allowing you to specify the end of time and the level of risk that you want, in addition to choosing where to type of assets and the amount you want to invest.

You starts with the basic decisions you would with any deal , what is the original that you want to trade and the amount you want to invest.

For example, if you think that oil prices will rise exactly in three hours, Simply choose the “oil ” from the menu shown in front of you , and select the time is right , and select the call and if you think that the deal may be hazardous select the profit level of 55 % and insurance 30% to protect your investment .

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Additional Terms

1 – Select the original that you want to trade him .

2 – Select the expiration time within 4 hours of the time when you place the deal.

3 – Select the determination of the risk level of profit that you want, from the list phenomenon.

4 – click on the button “CALL” if you think that the price will rise above the current rate at finished , Oangr the button “PUT” if you think that the price will fall below the current rate when finished.

5 – Enter the amount you want to invest and click on the ” dish ” .

Fast Cash Formula

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Hedge Funds Fannie and Freddie

Deliberately large hedge funds to buy preferential shares in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the hope that check the value of those shares under the big privatization plan for mortgage giants.

During the past few months directed a number of large hedge funds and strong to Washington to put pressure on Congress to revive Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are among the companies that sponsored by the U.S. government and were working out of custody since the beginning of the financial crisis. And those funds had proceeded to buy preferential shares in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the hope that check the value of those shares under the big privatization plan for mortgage giants. It also has some of the hedge funds to purchase some of the most speculative public stock of Fannie and Freddie is the kind that is traded via the bulletin board.
But those funds have touched evident in the cooler reception on Capitol Hill. Instead, it made a bipartisan group of senators new legislation aims to get rid of the role played by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the housing market through the purchase and guarantee mortgages. And wants Senators Bob Corker and Mark Warner to replace Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the institution of a federal mortgage insurance a government body to re-insurance on real estate stocks lead to repel private investments in mortgage. The payment of the legislative proposal to drop general and preferred stock in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac substantially. CB Passive Income License Program
With no efforts to achieve the desired outcome pressure launched hedge funds are trying to make huge profits through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, what amounts to the alternative plan (b): litigation. I have made Perry Capital, a hedge fund big run by Richard Perry Rolling’s former Goldman Sachs complaint consists of 34 pages in front of a federal court in Washington, DC against the U.S. government alleging that the government obtained improperly on the huge profits made by the recent Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and appends caused losses estimated at tens of billions of dollars in the value of the assets of the special shareholders.
Seeks suit Perry Capital, to the end of the decision taken by the government in the past year to get all the profits of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and begin the process of liquidation of the two companies, saying that overtaking scandalous by the federal government to confiscate all profits the two companies on his compte and at the expense of all shareholders special two is illegal and must be to stop ‘.
According to Perry Capital specifically to changes in share certificates and purchase agreements preferred stock in mortgage companies, which saw buying the Treasury Department to a new class of preferred stock in August of 2012 by the Treasury and the Agency for Housing Finance federal holster for Fannie and Freddie. This change has led to the payment of the two companies for about all profit to the government in the form of dividend payments means that the non-payment of any such special dividends to shareholders in the shares of any . Perry Capital, claims he does not have the Treasury nor the Federal Housing Finance Agency – For many reasons – the authority of the events of that change. Read More

Divestment of hedge funds fall

Declined requests to withdraw funds of hedge funds in July, with the support of the desire of investors to wait for the performance of investments, especially after they at the end of the second quarter of 2013 to make the necessary adjustments to these $5k in 15 Days investments.

He revealed Monthly Index measures the performance of these funds to requests made by investors to withdraw their money as a percentage of assets deposited with the funds amounted to 2.71% in July, the lowest level recorded since January this year, down from 3.88% in June.

Hedge funds benefited from the sharp recovery witnessed the beginning of the financial markets last summer, but some investors have suffered the frustration and disappointment caused by inability of the hedge funds to achieve a similar recovery.

Research Center, said that hedge funds these funds have achieved a 3.16% return so far this year compared to a yield of over 15% achieved by the S & P 500. $5k in 15 Days

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Early this month, the International Monetary Fund published research on the restructuring operations in sovereign bonds, and publish a written summary of the cautious language of the Executive Board’s discussion on the report.

Although there are many things which a decision has been taken yet, but it seems that reflects the pulse Monetary Fund (IMF), regarding the process of radical change in the process of restructuring of sovereign bonds, involve a profound shake.

This could have broad implications, given the role that is likely to be played combination of inflation and restructuring operations, reducing the burden of debt accumulated in the global economy.

Says Andrew Bulls, head of the European section of the “PIMCO”: “We believe that there will be write-offs of some of the accumulated debt from one generation to the next., We have seen some of them in Europe and will see more in the future.”

In this case it should be bondholders warned. The final findings of the research is that the bailout funds from the International Monetary Fund, sometimes works to save creditors only in the private sector, and to assess the sustainability of debt was mostly upbeat over the limit, and restructuring operations are often at a late stage of the process, be may be too late.

These results indicate that it is likely to be more active Monetary Fund (IMF) in the future, as it seeks to make writedowns earlier and more creditors holding government bonds.

A kind of warning says Charles Blitz, an official at the International Monetary Fund: “This includes a number of trial balloons, which will make the system less affection for the creditors. Which indicates that the Fund would prefer to see the restructuring processes are at higher rates, and operations write off larger and much less interference from creditors. ”

While it will not happen for policy change in this regard for a year, but the fund thinking is important, it comes to the restructuring of ailing countries. Although governments and their creditors can reach agreements independently of the Fund, which is what they are doing, but that his position as a lender of last resort for countries, means that it has a tremendous influence on when and how to form the restructuring operations.

Research indicates that it is possible to insist Fund on a particular form of “conduct to the rescue by creditors” as a condition for assistance, even when it is not clear whether the debt was unsustainable, and this is probably through the process of rescheduling “voluntary” debt , not by reducing the nominal value.

Critics argue that this procedure is impractical. While the Fund can make loans allocated to rescue parked on the extension of maturities by trade creditors, it would remain a process of insolvency and restructuring, albeit a diluted basis.

The dress created this procedure “voluntary” will not ease the blow that will hit bondholders, is a hint that the Fund’s program could spark a surge.

Says one hedge fund manager: “It is misleading conduct based on an error in judgment., A clearly hostile towards the private creditors, which ultimately leads to the abuse of sovereign bonds.”

Indeed, the proposals would be “negative credit ranking hand” for the troubled countries, according to Moody’s. The credit rating agency: “This specific policies can improve the dismantling of sovereign debt crises, but it will probably increase the possibility of changing the deadline, aggravating the debt restructuring operations.”

Monetary Fund (IMF) as well as income in the controversial area through a re-examination of what he calls “collective action problem.” In other words, how to deal with creditors – mostly hedge funds – who refuse to restructure their loans or their bonds, because they are betting that threatened to resort to the judiciary would be enough because the pay these debts in full.

Creditors who are called adjective did not pose a big problem in restructuring operations. But the IMF is concerned that the issue of petrol in a New York court, could transform this simple inconvenience into something much more complicated.

Achieved a hedge fund Elliott Management judicial victory against Argentina on insolvency which was announced in 2001, and the subsequent debt restructuring.

Although the fund Elliott has yet to receive a penny from Argentina, and it is possible that the case end up in the U.S. Supreme Court, the IMF is concerned that the successes of “Elliott” could encourage more investors to follow a similar strategy.

Felt disturbed Fund of “collective action problem” in the past. After insolvency Argentina first time in 2001, the Fund suggested “a mechanism for sovereign debt restructuring” to be a legal system for the restructuring, including the States and dominated. But the project did not gain support from the United States, and thus put on the shelf.

Instead argue recent research from the IMF in order to approach a contractual booster can help to mitigate any repercussions for the case of Argentina, those.

This is likely to be one of the main fronts that will activate the IMF in the coming year, also argues Deborah Zandstra, a partner in the law firm Clifford Chance.

Expects that the Fund will call for the promotion of “paragraphs of collective action” in bonds, in order to dealing with who don’t want. He says: “It will not work to bring about a revolution in the relationship between the countries and private creditors, but also aims to improve the process and outcomes.”

Some observers feel that there is a subtle attempt to float sovereign debt restructuring mechanism. This came in the summary of the discussions that took place at the Executive Board regarding the research that “some members of the Council,” believe that the legal framework “could be worthy of survey.” However, most experts agree that sent any kind of legal system will be difficult. Political aspects remain very difficult, as you say Anna Gilpern, Professor of Law, and Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and is responsible precedent in the U.S. Treasury Department. She adds: “A lot of people would like to sent a sovereign debt restructuring mechanism, but a lot of people would like to as well, to be resurrected Elvis Presley.”, But crying to the moon.
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U.S. Stocks Closed Lower For A Second Day

Most U.S. stocks closed lower for a second day after it reduced its losses in the early sessions, mainly as a result of investors’ fear of Iqbal Fed to reduce monetary stimulus measures,

The Bloomberg agency reported that the company Gap & Abercrombie & Fitch has lost about 1.7% of its value after the company’s earnings outlook disappointed analysts’ estimates .. Shares of Sears Holding Company for retail sale by about 14% due to losses incurred by the company owned by billionaire Edward Lambert, a hedge fund manager. Shares of Procter & Gamble fell 4% after replacing CEO Bob McDonald, former Director.

The benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500 rose 0.1% to 1,649.60 points in the afternoon session on Thursday in New York, after falling by 0.8% in the early sessions. The Dow Jones industrial average added 8.60 points, or 0.1%, to reach 15,303.10 points .. Prices have fallen every 10 shares for every 9 .. It is scheduled U.S. stock markets closed on May 27 to celebrate one of nationalism holidays. real quick app review

IMF considering taking action in conflict with hedge funds

In the past it was sending warships is the usual punishment imposed by the world’s great powers on the small countries that renege on a promise to repay the debts. However, during most of the past century, countries were able to stop payment without being subject to retribution approx.

This situation began to change in 1994, when he resided Kenneth Dart,, the adventurer heir to the empire plastic cups, suit against Brazil and the process of debt restructuring of $ 40 billion. Technically, this investor lost American silence, but nevertheless managed to get out a small fortune after that Brazil has chosen to continue to service debt. Its success helped in the emergence of the type of investors who are often called Description hedge funds.

These investors, who sometimes called pronunciation diluted who don’t want recorded in recent victories over from Greece to countries of Argentina, work to transform the balance of power toward lenders countries.

As a result of concerns that the debt restructuring of the system (which is suffering a shortage, but somewhat successful) can now be exposed for the disorder at the hands of hedge funds, which increased boldness, studying the International Monetary Fund (IMF) how to fix this process. Late this week will publish papers and proceedings of Executive Board discussions on this topic.

The fund in the past tried to introduce reforms, but failed. In the wake of the catastrophic insolvency of Argentina in 2001 suggested that the Fund” mechanism for sovereign debt restructuring”, which is conceived as a kind of bankruptcy court for countries, but it is surrounded by the prestige of the laws of the Fund.

The initiative fell fire from the United States – the largest contributors to the fund – and since then she has been prone to wilting. And return most of the reason for this is that the dominant system seemed solid. Countries enjoying sovereign fort that makes sued the idea discourage determination, as it is impossible to enforce the provisions in the event of issuance. This led to the most encouraging creditors to approve forced to bear the losses.

He says Whitney, a partner in the company A&B, the law firm:” You can sue countries to the end of time, but you will not get any money”.

In fact, the creditors who don’t want to – and they often hedge funds – have always been a source of frustration, but not to obstruct, the successful efforts in restructuring operations. Given the inconvenience which may be caused by these funds through the issues, most countries choose to pay her money. Argentina is the exception, it was only during the past decade stuck in the U.S. courts and out of the international bond markets.option bot 2

But last year revealed weaknesses in the sovereign gear, making a lot of lawyers and cheerleaders  officials a comprehensive change in the system. In the past year, Greece has been able to impose unfair losses on holders of local bonds, but hedge funds and investors such as Dart were able to synthesize large stakes adequately in international bonds of Greece in a manner preventing restructuring. Athens was unwilling to stand in the face who don’t want in the courts, and yet chose to pay their money in full.

But perhaps what is most important is that the hedge funds, led by Elliott Management, recorded big wins in its legal war which long-term relationship with Argentina. Elliott Fund is managed by the U.S. billionaire Paul Singer, a lawyer who is passionate rational strategy could transform the original objection revolved into a form of art.

Elliott returned in the dispute in the courts of New York that paragraph in decades Argentina’s debt, which is called pari passu (a Latin expression meaning evenly or without preference for one party to another) – means that Buenos Aires can not continue to pay its debts to holders of structured before bonds to repay the debt” Elliot” and its partners.

The case is still ongoing in the courts, but experts fear that the cumulative effect of the case, and the scenery Greece is repaid debt of hedge funds in full, to inspire other creditors and to encourage them to reluctance in order to get a better deal in the future – and turn a nuisance to becomes more problematic.

A lawyer with the firm Cleary Gottlieb, which represents the countries that are restructuring their debt, including Greece:” will become behavior creditors the more prevalent if people thought that they have a strong playing card”.

The important question is: What can I do? A government official says:” in a century, the United Nations and the Council of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), everyone is aware that there is a need to do something. But there is no consensus on this thing.” KD Suite Review

Greece enter the sixth year of recession with some improvement

According to figures published last week that Greece entered the sixth year of recession with some cautious optimism about the future of the economy, despite the record unemployment and declining consumption due to wage cuts and tax increases.

In a rare move, improve and Fitch degree of Greece’s credit rating Tuesday registered “clear progress” on reducing the budget deficit.

Greece has improved its relations with creditors skeptics ability to repay its debt in recent months, what allowed her to get more money from the euro zone against the plan to continue the reforms.

And help foreign hedge funds to recapitalize banks after Greece defaults crisis suffered by the country last year.

After much delay, finally re-launch the privatization program that allowed the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to go to China this week in a four-day visit in order to attract investment.

Samaras said in a speech at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing, “we have come so far more than halfway on the road to return true.”

“What you’ll stand here not for we in Greece back of the the helm of the ship,” adding that the benefits of “Greek bonds fell by about two-thirds after it reached a record level of a year ago.” The interest rate on government bonds, an indication of the risk of investing in a country.

Greece signed in 2008 with a “COSCO” Chinese shipping giant a 35-year agreement to manage the container berths in the port of Piraeus, the country’s largest ports.

Greece hopes to attract the attention of the Chinese draft privatization of the Athens International Airport and selling trains and real estate.

Samaras said that “the Greek ports, airports and trains could be part of an extensive commercial network extends outside Greece into Europe.”

Greece also hopes to sell the state gas distribution company to investors Ross and water distribution companies to the French.

Greece committed to collect 9.5 billion euros from privatization projects by 2016 in return for loans from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund worth 240 million euros.

But in addition to raising money for the state treasury, Greek officials believe that privatization is necessary to inject money into the companies and stimulate growth and create jobs.

The rate of unemployment in the country to 27 percent, a level not seen in the modern history of Greece, with a prevalence of more than 64% among young people.

Samaras said the austerity measures “to cause suffering unimaginable social and tragic problems affecting the community cohesion.”

Under the agreement with its creditors Greece committed itself to cancel four thousand jobs in the public sector this year, and 11 thousand in 2014.

The Samaras government issued three decrees this year in the face of urgent strikes sailors and workers in the field of transport and teachers.

Said Jesus del Castillo, an analyst at Natixis, “is expected to improve economic indicators slowly. But major risks still exist in terms of political stability and implement reforms and external shocks.”

The government statistics agency said Wednesday that the Greek economy shrank by 5.3% in the first quarter of 2013 over the year.

The contraction of 6.7% in the same period of 2012, according to the body itself.

The outlook relating to total gross domestic product of Greece in the first quarter and improve the Fitch rating that “the economy likely to change its direction,” said analysts at Capital Economics in London.

But they added, “but we still believe that the economic outlook related to the rescue plan overly optimistic, which means that doubts about the plan could re-emerge.”

Green Sovereign Wealth

At the end of 2011, the total assets of sovereign wealth funds under management around three trillion U.S. dollars, after 237 direct investment worth $ 81 billion in that year, but some experts estimate the value of the assets of sovereign wealth funds estimated at six trillion dollars. This means that the sovereign wealth funds, which embodies the international capital, is now richer than the global hedge funds, the excesses of liberal capitalism columns, nearly doubled.

This raises the growing power gained by sovereign wealth funds a great deal of discomfort, but raises sometimes criticized malignancy, especially in countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which hosted, where it is feared by many observers redistribution of financial strength, economic and political in favor of emerging countries that adopt political systems quite different. In fact, three out of seven sovereign wealth funds controlled more than two-thirds of the assets of sovereign wealth funds owned by Asian countries,” one of them from China, two from Singapore” and three other funds belonging to the Middle East” Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar ”.

European countries comes in first place among the host countries to sovereign wealth fund investments, which is equivalent to more than 40 per cent of the total value of trades made in 2011. In the United States, where opposition to such investments are stronger, they represent less than 10 per cent only.

However, the concerns of these countries are not without foundation of the entire health. That sovereign wealth funds pose significant risks, some of these have been achieved already fears, for the global economy and financial markets both at home and in the host countries. real quick app

For example, I encountered some SWFs losses temporary, but significant, after the collapse of the bubble secondary mortgage in America in 2008, after the sovereign debt crisis in the European Union, which broke out after one year, due to high levels of exposure to real estate markets and financial and sovereign debt in these economies. Those that are not exposed to loss, they were protected because of opposition from the host countries for projects in strategic sectors, and because of the fact that sovereign wealth funds, which recognizes the sensitivity of the investments, and fear reprisals potential, it was mostly acquires shares of small goals” between 1 and 2 per cent”.

There are some exceptions to this pattern. It was the largest investment to China Investment Corporation in last year’s share amounted to 30 per cent”” $ 3.2 billion in the oil exploration and production in the giant French energy company GDF Suez. The China Investment Corporation chose a large stake in one branch, rather than a small stake in the whole group; because this gave her a strategic advantage” access to energy resources” and” cash benefit investing in dollar-denominated assets”.

However, the opacity and ambiguity generally characteristic of most sovereign wealth funds, which exacerbates the risks posed. While there are some sovereign wealth funds, such as the Government Pension Fund Global in Norway, transparent, the information available is very slim on the vast majority of sovereign wealth funds in connection with sizes, or investment portfolios, or their investment strategies, performance, or method of administration .

Because of the geographical distribution of sovereign wealth funds and investments, subject to a truly global organization is unlikely to a large extent. But in the absence of close monitoring of the sovereign wealth funds will inevitably face restrictions due to politically motivated by some host countries, so it is in their interest to work to intensify its efforts at self-regulation.

We should not allow the need to increase the transparency of the operations of sovereign wealth funds that blind us to its potential benefits. That sovereign wealth funds as long-term investments could help to reduce the volatility of the market through brokerage, as well as its contribution to the financing of projects that generate positive rates of return, but in the long term.

It seems that some sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East and Asia aware of the risks associated with the Governor investment excessive investment in carbon, which is willing to work together to create a platform for the financing of infrastructure projects that are efficient in the utilization of resources, and low-carbon, environmentally friendly. In fact, the idea was on the table for discussion at the (January) in the framework of the World Summit on the future of energy and the International Conference for Renewable Energy in Abu Dhabi.hedge fund

We must support this initiative explicitly, to serve as a springboard for a greater focus on green investment between sovereign wealth funds. It is by adopting the right approach, the sovereign wealth funds able to provide significant benefits for all in the long term.real quick app review

Forex companies are flocking to the Middle East

A distinct period of dealers in the foreign exchange markets, Forex, in the Middle East, where these traders will be able to meet with companies that are trading in Forex which under the companies have flocked to the Middle East during the current period.
Forex Trade, which focused during the three months of March and April and May this year attracted dozens of Forex companies seeking to strengthen its position in the Middle East with high liquidity, which sees many companies a fertile and huge market for customers who wish to trade in foreign currencies.
The foreign exchange market, Forex, volumes increased with the development of advanced electronic and services, which is now attracting many for ease of access and open accounts in addition to the flexibility in times of trading that continue around the clock for 5 days a week and many other qualities using Trends for more Profits .
The Saudi Money Exhibition closed its doors the end of March with the participation of a wide range of companies preparing currently Forex Gallery in Dubai starting next Thursday where he will attend the large size of companies and banks in the exhibition this year.
Forex exhibition in Dubai this year witnessed the participation of older companies but participates for the first time in the Middle East such as the Swiss bank Ducasse Kobe with major companies involved and the other is absent from the show. Vallavt exhibition in the non-participation of FX Solutions that are involved in all of the other exhibitions in the region in addition to the two Jane Capital, which is usually involved in this exhibition as well as the company FXCM. At the same time, the company is engaged Forex recent Time in the forex markets as an official partner in the exhibition.
The start of the exhibition Forex Jordan in the Jordanian capital, Amman, on May 7, 2013, and also with the participation of a wide range of companies in different Forex exhibition in Jordan this year for other exhibitions quality of the participating companies. Where he participates for the first time FX Stat that offer trading service social Forex also participates company Banca de Binary that offer trading service on the binary options in addition to the participation of a wide range of Forex major new companies seeking to establish its brand in the Middle East. In addition to the participation of educational institutions, media and specialized companies providing specialized software solutions for trading companies.
This represents exhibits an important opportunity for the investor Arab in terms of developing forex brokers in the case of competition and a clear push them to improve their services in addition to the awareness that could rolling Arab obtained about the licenses of these companies and real services that could benefit through trading in addition to seeking companies to enhance safety provided to customers in light of what the world is witnessing financial crises may affect some of these Easy FB Commissions 2.0 companies.
It is worth mentioning that active Trides company which is involved in both exhibitions Jordan and Dubai this year came innovative new safeguards for customer funds. The company, which operates a British license provided to its customers additional insurance on their money through a Lloyds of London, which gives the client insurance of up to 750 thousand dollars for his money deposited with the Easy FB Commissions 2 company.
The company is engaged FX Solutions Exhibition this year in Jordan in light of significant shifts in the company in the recent period after the abandonment of the company for the U.S. market and the concentration of its business in Europe, the Middle East, which is what makes us look at the possibility of providing the company for new features to customers the Middle East in light of target for customers from the region.