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Chinese and Russian Role in Revitalization Of Global Economy

Chinese and Russian Role in Revitalization Of Global Economy Before the end of 2013 was the outlook for the performance of the global economy in 2014 is optimistic. Expressed this position Janet Yellen new president of the Federal Reserve Bank, which the US central bank, formerly vice president of the bank, a well-known professor of economy. The head of the International Monetary Fund, Finance Minister earlier in France, a lawyer and businessman who worked in Chicago long, Christine Lagarde, saw that global growth estimates of the International Monetary Fund are lower than expected actually. And  president of the European Central Bank, stressed that 2014 will be the year in which the European market to regain its activity and growth, and begin to reduce unemployment levels.


Before the expiration of the first week of the new year turned expectations upside down, Million Dollar Months Review work developed in the last months of 2013 in the United States was far below expectations, and reduce the so-called quantitative easing, which pumped US central bank liquidity of $85 billion in a month to $ 75 billion in January, and the possibility of follow-up reduction caused raise interest and attract money into the US market from developing countries. In Western Europe, France experienced a decrease in the national income in the fourth quarter of 2013, exceeded in size the slight improvement in the Spanish economy, and continued the Italian economy in the event of deflation, as growth in Germany, despite the success of Merkel-author of a consistent government is no longer expected to be realized outweigh the one-percent growth rate in 2014.

In addition to the rigidity of the conditions of France, and the slow movement of the economy of Spain, the situation of Greece, Cyprus, Portugal continued to stalling, and Greece would be unable to fulfill the first installment of aid received, and that there is a significant shortcoming in Portugal.

Disappointing growth for the year 2014 was hanging on the expectation of the Chinese economy grew by 8 percent, and the Indian economy by 5-6 percent, and the high-income rate in Brazil with investment effects in the creation of the World Cup soccer stadiums, as rising tourist numbers significantly. And it suspended hopes to accelerate the pace of growth in Africa and the Million Dollar Months Review effects of the gradual relaxation of sanctions on Iran, and the abolition of sanctions final in June.

China has become in terms of economic size of the second largest economy in the world, and in 2013 achieved a breakthrough by occupying first place in the volume of world trade, export and import activities. And China, and not far from the United States in the volume of production, but it holds the largest reserves of disposable cash to finance the Trade and Development. It is known that China employs $ 1.3 trillion in US government bonds, which allows the US government to continue to borrow, and at the same time, the Chinese sovereign fund more than $600 billion for employment. In the Million Dollar Months Review opinion of head of sovereign wealth fund that there are great opportunities to invest in infrastructure facilities in the United States, and Western Europe, as in the African countries.
Why invest in infrastructure facilities in the United States and European countries means? This approach is useful in the first place that China considers that wear noticeable hit sectors of infrastructure services in the industrialized countries, both of which roads, bridges, transportation, airports, harbors, and means of communication.

For the African and developing countries, Chinese outlook stating that there are aware of the needs of the variety, in addition to the similar needs of what is needed in Europe, required achievement and realization of projects more than upgrading wear, while the US and European companies can do what is required in their respective countries, if the availability of funding, African and developing countries need to Chinese companies, and possibly Korean to complete the infrastructure works quickly, and this is what we are witnessing in electricity and cement production sector in Nigeria, for example, and communications networks within and between African countries.

Chinese start worrying Putin’s Russia. China had tense relations with the former Soviet Union, when there was a large variation in the areas of technical achievement, and this variation is over. China became a rival to Russia in the areas of space, Russia was preceded in information technology and electronic communication networks, which Russia compete auto plants done by the Chinese and the major car companies, both European or Japanese. In addition to all that, there are large Chinese communities operating in eastern Russia in multiple industries and a variety of business areas. It is difficult to limit the preparation of Chinese in these areas. Brzezinski, former national security adviser in the United States, across in a Simple Profits Review book about the expected for fear of collisions Russian – Chinese because the Chinese presence uncontrolled in the far east of Russia international developments.
Putin has realized the importance of China’s growing, which worked to improve relations between the two countries, and has completed an agreement to extend China’s ample quantities of gas, and began to work on the completion of the line, which will carry gas from Russia and Kazakhstan to China, and rushed towards the strengthening of economic ties between the East Asian countries and former Soviet republics . Simple Profits Review
Since shortly Putin initiated the allocation of technical and financial resources for the remarkable Ukraine to give priority to financial difficulties. Fovr $ 15 billion of support, while the European Union and the obligations of the International Monetary Fund together no more than $ 1.2 billion. Here is Hungary provides long-term loan of $ 13 billion, the bulk of it is devoted to the completion of nuclear reactors contribute to the adequacy of energy needs in addition to the facilities of the two countries at the level of prices of imported gas from Russia.
Here are Iran announces expansion of nuclear power plant to produce electricity, which is in the midst of talks concerning the inventory of nuclear energy for peaceful concerns. It is known that the Bushaher plant initiated by the Germans in 1975, the Russians and Harald past year. Iran has been invited to the heads of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to visit the Bushaher nuclear power plant to check on trends Tehran.

After the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, it was considered by economists in the Arab world that has defeated socialist thought never to return. Today, six years after the outbreak of the global financial crisis in the industrialized Western countries, and the inability to launch Simple Profits Review growth, it seems as if the future of the global economy mortgagee initiatives of China and Russia.

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