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Economic War Between Russia and Turkey 2016

Economic war between Russia and Turkey 2016 .Russian plane after the overthrow of the Syrian – Turkish border, emerged into the open Russia’s desire to respond to this process. The Russian has already begun to respond militarily and economically, to any limits can go the economic war between Russia and Turkey?

Economic war
Economic war

Characterized Russian – Turkish relations tense in general. History tells us that these relations that date back to five centuries, passed in the stages of tension and peace, according to the ruling power in the two countries.

In the 1568 year, the Ottoman Empire, one of the support of the Soviet Union countries of Islamic majority, resulting in a significant conflict between and ended in favor of the Russians. In the eighteenth century, Russia has assisted Christian and Slavic minorities in Turkey to revolt against the Ottoman rule and the events escalated to the point of military intervention in 1877.

In the First World War, Turkey has the support of Nazi rule and that is what led to a military confrontation between Turkey and Russia. However, the end of the war and the success of the Turkish Revolution, led by Mustafa Kamal and after, the Russians saw in this revolution girlfriend revolution and they support the new Turkish regime gold and weapons have this support form a key success factor for this revolution.

And take the tension tendency to rise in the new relations between the two countries in 1936, following negotiations that accompanied Treaty, which led to Turkey put her hand on the Straits of Dardanelles, who were unarmed, according to the agreement between Turkey and Russia. In spite of Turkey’s neutrality in World War II, Russia considered that the relations between Turkey and Germany allowed Germany its warships to pass through these straits.

This led in 1945 to the withdrawal of Russia from the Treaty of Peace with Turkey which has asked Russia to recover a section of eastern Turkey and in particular the provinces of Kars, Artvin Province. Tension continued in the era of the Soviet Union, which tried to participate in the force that protects, but Turkey refused this and her response was to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1952. Secret To Success APP

Economic relations

The strategic location of Turkey between Europe and Asia has made Turkey an important country in the economic partnership for many countries and so out of the geographical location reduces transportation costs and thus makes companies in Turkey more competitive not to mention the large consumer market (80 million people). This push the Russians to draw closer economically from Turkey in spite of the great political divergence on many topics the Middle East.

Russia and push in this direction are essential factors: the first related to the strategy of Russia in the Black Sea and the other problems facing the export of gas to Europe via Ukraine. From this perspective, increased trade between Russia and Turkey to the point that it became the size of this exchange of 287 billion US dollars of goods imported from Russia and 6 billion US dollars of goods exported to Russia from Turkey.

Among the most important goods exported from Turkey to Russia: cars, good fruit to eat, nuts, citrus peel, melon, nuclear plant … The Turkish import from Russia includes nuclear machinery, electrical and electronic equipment, and other cars from the rail and tram, pharmaceutical products, plastics and derivatives, optical instruments, aircraft and spacecraft …

It is a Turkish import from Russia 10% of the total Turkish import, while Russian imports from Turkey is not more than 3% of the total Russian imports. This means that in case strained economic relations, also began to emerge, it will be the largest damage to the Turkish economy, especially with more than 4.5 million Russian tourists from traveling to Turkey stopped.

Economic war began

With the announcement of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s demand to travel agents in Russia to stop tourist services to Turkey, it is expected that the Turkish tourism sector is witnessing a noticeable decline, especially that of Russian tourists make up more than 12% of the total foreign tourists to Turkey.

This would deprive Turkey of cash at a time of dramatically declining value of the Turkish lira since the beginning of this year with the increase in unit global economic downturn and the decline in foreign direct investments in Turkey. Without a doubt, 2016 will be the worst the Turkish economy since the nineties of the last century.

At the level of investments, it is expected to be suspended for 30 projects in Turkey Russia an investment volume of more than US $ 500 million. The gas pipeline project between Russia and Turkey via the Black Sea, which would have allowed Russia to move its gas to Europe via Turkey, Bulgaria without passing through Ukraine is threatened seriously and this will be a blow to Turkey and Russia at the same time.

And there is talk in Russian scenes from changing the path of the pipeline passes directly in Bulgaria. But the question remains about the ability of Russia to abandon its international obligations. In addition to all of these projects, there are contracts worth 20 billion dollars between Turkey and Russia to build a nuclear reactor in Turkey for the production of electrical energy, which entered into force, but as a result of being threatened escalation between the two countries.

On the other hand, Russian authorities began preventing ships wheat Russian from going to Turkey also confiscated Agency Russian Health more than a ton of sent from Turkey and the Turkish food to Russia under the pretext of non-availability of health conditions in addition to prevent cars with Turkish plates of crossing the Russian border. On this saga, the economy of the two countries will lose more than $ 100 billion of trade.

How long this war?

No one knows the course of things, but the data analysis brings us to the determination that there is Russia to control the gas market in Europe. This is will be by negotiation or by force. So Turkey is expected to retreat from their positions Secret To Success System especially that the economic damage will be accompanied by Russian military escalation, and that NATO is ready to open war with the Czar of Russia, who may not retreat from nuclear use if what has been dragged into the decisive battle.

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