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Greece Crisis Reveals Large One European Family But Unhappy

Greece Crisis Reveals Large One European Family But Unhappy Revealed last Fizz to Greece’s debt crisis from worsening in the euro zone could lead unless it is resolved quickly to the disintegration of the European monetary union, which represents the height of the ambitious projects of the European Union.

European Union
European Union

What is most worrying is that the European leaders of public opinion and domestic policies increasingly in opposite directions .. not only between Greece and Germany’s largest debtor and the largest debt- but almost all members of the Union.

The Germans and the Dutch, Finns and Slovaks and citizens of the Baltic states are no longer accept the idea of ​​directing taxpayers’ money to rescue the Greeks. In contrast, the French and the Italians and the Greeks that the euro area does not mean that now only austerity and punishment, it lacks solidarity and economic stimulus feel.
However clung to Central and Eastern European countries to their positions and the growing internal pressure in the Netherlands and Finland is no longer any compromise between France and Germany to resolve the euro zone Medallion APP Review enough to resolve the problems, not to mention the difficulty of reaching him originally.

There are too many parties of interest and divergent views owners are becoming increasingly difficult with the crisis management. It seems now any large-scale reform of the
Medallion APP Review structure of the Rift single currency area, which includes 19 countries a distant dream.
After weeks of emergency meetings which extended into the early hours of the morning to the leaders of finance ministers of the euro zone and which culminated in a conference summit lasted until the next morning the euro zone reached a fragile agreement prevents the sinking of Greece and makes it a virtual protectorate under the supervision violates their privacy as an independent state.

Few at best a supporter of the agreement that will succeed actually does not believe.
Prime Minister of Greece said that a bad agreement will make life worse for Greece but he had to swallow the bitter medicine because the alternative was worse.

He said German Finance Minister Wolfgang said it was better to Athens to get out of the euro zone “temporarily” to get debt relief.

The German Chancellor Angela explained that the main feature of the agreement is to avoid what is worse.
She said, “The alternative to this agreement will not be timeout graduated Greece out of the euro temporarily … but chaos unpredictable.”

A senior EU official involved in reaching the compromise negotiations and spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity, agreed that the chance of success now “at 20 and maybe 30 percent.”

He added, “When I look forward to the next two or three years or even the next three months I only see a bleak withdrawal. All we could do is to avoid a messy exit of Greece from the euro zone.”

And it is back problems appear likely in late August or September, when should the completion of the detailed negotiations on the rescue program lasts three years. By then, perhaps Greece’s economy has veered off course in the largest and perhaps the Greeks on their way for early elections.

Even if the Medallion APP Review deal did not stumble third rescue for Greece in three years at this stage, the entire application and achieve economic recovery chances look slim.

Greece crisis in the widening divisions between the countries of the monetary union and the rest of Europe also contributed, as has insisted Britain and the Czech Republic to provide safeguards for taxpayers’ money in return for the use of European rescue fund to provide emergency Secret Millionaires Club 2016 funding for Greece.
Had the Greek crisis has been the only concern for the euro area might have been easy to control and resolution because it did not appear on the financial markets little sign of contagion to other weak sovereign bonds, as happened in 2012 and threatened to tear apart.

President Francois Holand suggested this month set up a parliament for the euro zone to give greater democratic legitimacy to the decisions.

But such ideas are incompatible with ambition hectic night meetings to manage the crisis and with the divisive and rising in many of the Secret Millionaires Club 2016 deliberations of the euro area national tone.

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