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Strong US Dollar Worries Investors

Strong US Dollar Worries Investors As if war and international sanctions imposed on some countries of the world, and the collapse of the price of oil, not enough to sow panic in the hearts of investors, faced with the collapse of the ruble Russian banks, after it was the hope of his brilliance in front of an international hard currencies very improbable.

US Dollar
US Dollar

And Russian banks must repay debt worth $134 billion until next year. And it deserves to these banks next month debt of $ 32 billion.
Observers estimated the Channel Ranger Software Swiss erosion rate of the ruble against the dollar by about 30 percent since the beginning of the year, which means that the payment of this debt has become difficult. There is no doubt that the weakness of Russian banks play a role in supporting the dollar up against the Swiss franc, as the dollar imposed itself once again on the international financial markets.

Cash Camp Reviews Experts predicted that the increasing strength of the dollar gradually but slowly in the next three months. It can not be said that the Russian foreign debt bubble isolated case, because many developing countries bear a huge foreign debt.

And it contributed to the Federal Reserve in the US House of foreign debt of developing countries grow, because the US markets feed huge financial liquidity helped to put pressure on interest rates, as international investors pay to search for Cash Camp Software profits outside the US. The governments of emerging countries strongly adopted the concept of «thirst to achieve the greatest possible return», issuing huge amounts of Channel Ranger Review bonds.

And bonds issued in developing countries hard currency, observers announced that it has doubled since 2008, and jumped worth a trillion dollars to 2.1 trillion. If the value of these bonds was added to the Star Wars Binary Bot Review banking settlement of loans in developing countries, is up to $5 trillion, which means they have risen about 66 percent since the year 2008. According to the banking statistics in Switzerland, value versions of developing countries bonds exceeded two trillion dollars, and issued 22 percent of them directly in dollars.

The 7 Figure Challenge Review investors are now fleeing from Russia and Ukraine, but also from other regions around the world, unrelated to the wars and fluctuations in oil prices. Enough to look to Turkey, where the value of the Turkish lira against the dollar fell about 9 percent. The Swiss also smuggled from Brazil to the decline in the value of the national currency more than 8 percent against the dollar, as well as from Indonesia, Romania and South Africa.
And many fear the possibility of a bubble developing countries that grossly Federal Reserve, the US House in the form of a sudden explosion.

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